TM-100 Licensed Distributor

National Bio-Safe is offering its 35 years of TM-100 technology and bio-remediation program to YOU!

  1. Licensor owns technologies and rights to a unique business application TM-100 bio-remediation process and remediation technology product called (TM-100) & additional enzyme cleaning/odor technologies by which mold remediation services can be performed in Homes, Schools, Universities, Government Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Vessels, Boating Industry.
  2. Licensor has the right to license the TM-100 technology product & enzyme cleaning/odor technologies and its associated application bio-remediation processes.
  3. Licensor has the rights to utilize and grant all Equipment, IP (Intellectual Property), Web Management Systems and Training Curriculum contemplated by this agreement.
  4. Licensee wishes to obtain the right to use Licensor’s unique business application bio-remediation process, TM-100 technology product & enzyme cleaning/odor technologies to perform mold remediation services, under the terms and conditions of this agreement; and any training, IP, equipment, business documentation and website systems.
  5. The TM-1OO application bio-remediation process works by penetrating porous materials – atomized into walls, vents, ceilings and floor materials, to include concrete materials and digesting toxic mold spores through enzymatic activities. The TM-1OO product is a combination of organic compounds designed to break down the spore cell wall structure (carbohydrates and cellulose structure) of viable mold spores and digest the natural materials. The product works by breaking down and digesting the carbohydrates, cellulose, and protein components, disabling the spore’s re-growth. National Bio-Safe Inc. innovative proprietary bio-remediation cleaning process is a unique cleaning system for entire building structures. This revolutionizing hygienic bio-remediation method efficiently improves safety and health in buildings. This unique designed cleaning process is completed in less downtime, saving building materials and leaving a clean optimal environment.
  6. “TM-100 Distributor” means Licensor shall provide access to Licensee to purchase additional amounts of TM-100 as required: The initial product purchase of 200 gallons starts July 15, 2019. The product purchase following for each year is 150 gallons to start consecutively every July 15, of the new year. If Licensee is not able to make additional recommended product purchases following years, a review of records or negotiated additional product agreement will be discussed.
  7. “Equipment” means the Custom Folgers, and other items specifically listed