Satisfied Customers

Is to make high rises, condos, homes, schools and the workplace safer. In the process, we also create a more productive work environment by reducing time lost to indoor air quality illnesses and general worker dissatisfaction.

“We tried numerous applications of bleach (10%) and various other methods suggested by EPA, but were not able to solve our [mold] problem on our own.”

“Within 48 ours after 48 months of navel efforts to control the [mold] problem, Bio-Safe achieved complete success, subsequently verified by independent analysis.”

“Ten months have passed since the initial Bio-Safe treatment eliminated the original contamination including Aspergillus spp Stachybortys atra, Penicillium spp, and Cladosporium.”

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the outstanding service that Bio-Safe provided for my ompany Its been many years now and it has given rne great peace of mind to know that our serious mold problem is a problem of the past.

During this demanding process I dealt with President / Owner, Mr. Anthony Scirpoli, who I found to be extremely knowledgeable and eager to answer all of my questions.Their timeline was right on schedule as planned without any additional inconveniences to our residents.

On behalf of habitat for Humanity of Greater Boston I would like to thank you for your excellent response and the great results in mold remediation. You were able to identify the issues in two days and complete the process of removing the mold and its causes in one day.

Your product has been used to combat problems at several work sites. Their has been no call back complaints at all and the teacher and staff using these facilities are pleased that they are back in their classroom and offices. The turn around time in order to get classroom back in service was outstanding. The application of the TM-100 was just what we needed to save time and money.

Office of the Superintendent, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your firm for such a prompt and reliable response to our school district’s mold problem. When we found the mold, days before the start of school. It was estimated that the building could not be used for three to four weeks. In the end, we only missed one week of class time, which was great news for teachers, students and parents. Remarkably, the Bio-safe Team turned a school with poor indoor air quality into a cleaner, functioning building again. I would strongly recommend their services to any other school district or commercial building owner.

In the eight months since I introduced my allergy patients to the natural enzyme-based products manufactured by Bio-Safe, I have observed impressive improvement in their allergic conditions.

To sum up, your product TM-100 is winner, and we recommend that you use it for cleaning mold fond on any surface that supports mold growth, including drywall as well wood substrates.

This company defines excellence relative to all aspects of our interaction through the mold remediation process that was completed November 2018.

When we were faced with a mold problem in our home due to a broken pipe. We were told to use chemical remedies, I did not know what kind of affects these chemicals would have on our health. An additional concern, Aspergillus species of mold are very common molds causing allergic fungal sinusitis which is upper respiratory system and bronchial pulmonary diseases. I read about Bio-Safe’s product and decided to use it. It is much less expensive and safer than the toxic bleach chemical approach. After Bio-Safe did their enzyme treatment and we moved back in, we have not seen any ill effects to our health.