TM-100 MOLD Bioremediation vs Traditional abatement (Mold Remediation)

National Bio-SafeTM-100 bioremediation process is the only way to clean mold spores and mycotoxins in your home and building. This systematic approach removes toxins in the air, surfaces, walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, fabrics, behind walls, HVAC systems and air ducts.

TM-100 is atomized into HVAC systems, air vent systems, ductwork, pipe chases and air intakes.

The atomization of the TM-100 allows for application into confined areas, such as attics, crawl spaces, wall cavities and areas between studs. The ability to apply the product into inaccessible areas minimizes tear outs and reconstruction.

TM-100 is used to decontaminate surface areas including cabinets, walls, floors, furniture, drapes and other items on-site. Removal of fixtures and belongings is not required.

TM-100 works by coating surface areas with organic components that are safe for humans and pets.

TM-100 technology is cost effective, faster and more precise way to clean. It less invasive and causes minimal tear out. 

Traditional abatement is an outdated approach in remediation. This antiquated practice uses harsh caustic chemicals to remove mold causing high VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and does not remove mycotoxins. These chemicals can have a particular risk to pregnant women, unborn life, small children, or people with serious chronic illness. Health hazards caused by these disinfectants include effects on skin, eyes, respiratory system, nervous system and other organs. Traditional mold remediation is only concentrated on the area of visual mold growth (one room). Homes and buildings are left with additional mold with normal mold remediation. Mold is opportunistic and can spread like cancer throughout a building if not addressed properly.

Traditional mold remediation required extensive destruction, vacated and displaced homeowners and because they are only treating one area of the home or building, it can cause mold spores to be missed or spread throughout premises and it is outdated and very costly.