Mold Exposure to Children

Jun 2, 2022 | TM-100 Technology

Written by Giovanna Motta

June 2, 2022

In spite of the significant increase in mold awareness in recent years, people suffering from mold symptoms often don’t realize they have it, assuming that they have hay fever or a cold. A diagnosis of mold-related symptoms is quite complicated, as the relationship between mold and many health conditions is not yet proven and further research is needed to confirm it. Mold can cause illness for no apparent reason, but if you have mold in your home and a family member feels unwell for no apparent reason, the fungus is almost certainly to blame.


Despite their small size, mold spores have the potential to initiate new mold growth as well as contaminate the indoor environment. When breathed in, these spores make the immune system react by creating allergic reactions to defend against the foreign particles entering the body. In addition to health problems, this response can also cause severe allergic symptoms. Mold exposure affects different people in different ways, but children, seniors, and those who are prone to illness tend to be most vulnerable. It depends on the type and degree of mold in the home and the level of exposure to mold, but young children whose immune systems are not yet developed can be at risk for really serious complications.


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